MR. MAKEOVER: the reel event!

Big Bass Bash by Lifestyle Design

Party preparations have commenced!

This week… Save The Dates were sent via email, a Facebook Event was created with 100+ invitees, and brainstorming began for fabulous fishing themed décor.  Shhhh! It’s a surprise party!

70…. And still keepin’ it REEL!

Searching the Lifestyle Design Studio, we found wooden dowels and fishing string, and after a quick run to the tackle shop, we had bobbers, floaters, and wigglers too! Duo-Lock Snaps along with Curltail Grub, Hollow Body Tube, and Dipsey Swivel Sinkers help transform a Sunday school craft into a Pro Bass Fishing Pole.

Our Host couldn’t help but #LoveTheLook by Lifestyle Design – “…and he will too!” she said.

From intimate celebrations to major milestones, attention to detail holds a vital role in every D.I.Y. project. Instead of tying our fishing line in a knot similar to that of a third-grader’s sneaker, we made sure our Float Rig and Barrel Swivel were properly secured to our pole and hook. Although we are far from being Pro Bass Fishermen, it was important that even the most unassuming elements were authentic. Make a statement, without saying a word. See other ways our Clients, Entertain With Ease by Lifestyle Design:

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MR. MAKEOVER: mania!

That #MustHave Moment by Lifestyle Design

While out shopping for a Client, I noticed these glamorous chains suspended from the ceiling. Knowing several Lifestyle Design Clients are obsessed with gems and jewels, I look at the attendant behind the counter and say, “Go ahead, ring ’em up.”

“How many?” she asked. “All of them.” I replied,

…already captivated by several elements of a vintage vignette in a cozy corner nearby.

The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design

Fabulous, festive, and fun stoneware (salad/dessert plates) add flair to this bistro brunch setting. An antique glass doorknob and chrome votive holder anchor a heirloom, silver serving tray. Charming, crystal salt and pepper shakers are evidence of yet another, #MustHave moment by Lifestyle Design!

Tabletop Troubles & Simple Solutions…

Almost routinely, I find myself salvaging miscellaneous and often unknown, construction materials. These gold metal discs have consumed my thoughts since their initial purchase last year. Repeatedly, I ran into issues with adhesive while trying to secure them to string/fishing line for parties. Then, late one night, a vision of golden globes came to me…. no adhesive required!

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MR. MAKEOVER: motivation

Get LIBerated by Lifestyle Design

This smart, small space solution is an ideal alternative to decorating those awkward, apartment corners, nooks, and crannies. Previously we raved about this home decorating idea, using vintage silver platters and trays. Today, Talavera Pottery Plates take center-stage! Notice how our midnight blue and turquoise (Lifestyle Design D.I.Y.) dresser, grounds this look with fluid, cohesive colors that captivate.

Antique, wooden dice; distressed, weathered metal decor; and a #PicturePerfect cameo of The Crew, completes

The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design

From time-to-time, we all have those total lack of motivation moments…

Not that being a “Real Househusband of…” is a bad gig; but it’s lonely, not to mention the painstakingly obvious “i” in this team. So, allow me to take a moment to introduce my motivation – or, should I say LIBeration  LIL LIB

Justin Bieber has Lil Za and Lil Twist to keep him occupied, or in custody; however, LIL LIB (Little Liberace) serves as a source of inspiration, determination, and most importantly, motivation.

Being Mr. Mom comes with more than just Day-Time-TV and endless loads of laundry.

A sense of accomplishment builds creativity and encourages those of us that enjoy, Do-It-Yourself domination!

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Mister D.I.Y.

#HeDidThat by Lifestyle Design

The Retro Reframe

Wedding Day Get-A-Way, Winner’s Strike, and Date Night family photos are dressed in black… much like our frame-on-frame project-in-progress. Antique, heirloom, and vintage photos are a great way to highlight your heritage while also an inexpensive way to add personality to any room. Go ahead, recycle, redecorate, restyle, repeat!

Bored and inconspicuous, this Duck Duo sat (for at least a year) in a shady corner of an upstairs powder room. Notice in the BEFORE (photo above) how the dull, drab, dead, green and red colors almost camouflage the poor little fella! Naturally, I grabbed a few paint pens – teal & turquoise are always a #MustHave – and voila! This dressed-to-impress dynamic duo now serves as a great conversation starter, and effortlessly lefts your mood with each passing glance.

Another Lifestyle Design Mister D.I.Y., Look We Love: Gift Wrapping Room!

Crafty, creative, savvy, and thrifty…

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MR. MAKEOVER: Guest Suite

MR. MAKEOVER by Lifestyle Design

Giving guests your humble best, this Mr. Makeover Guest Suite will be nothing short of a sweet retreat. Flanking an upholstered Vera Wang headboard, are ❹ must-have mirrors from Kirkland’s (reg. $16.99; on-sale $7.99 each). Another “I’ll take it!” piece serves as the focal point of the room; normally priced at $189.99, this Pier 1 NYC canvas was purchased for only $15.00!

That’s $47.00 for 5 pieces that help complete The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design


An attached jack-and-jill bathroom doesn’t disappoint, dressed in complimentary reds with rustic influence, this powder room restyle didn’t blow the budget. A framed vanity mirror and ample counter space leaves room for personal & natural elements, making the room appear larger while breathing fresh air into the space.

Savvy shopping and a keen eye for sale stockpiles, this two-room Mr. Makeover totaled LESS THAN $100.00!

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Resolution Romance

Mr. Right by Lifestyle Design

Inspired by bold colors, this black, gold, & silver accent dinnerware set blends subtly, exuding understated elegance. Crisply trimmed in silver,  black damask detail on dinner plates satisfies even the most discerning of palettes.

Midnight blue and gold frames compliment a captivating collection of eclectic heirloom must-haves. Authentic metal keys suspended from a salvaged wood ladder, custom keep-sake pencils from an old Family Lumber Company, and a black and white photo of Pawpaw rolling a strike complete The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design.  

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Mr. Makeover by Lifestyle Design

We’ve been searching Pinterest, Facebook, and other applications that cater to the Do It Yourself state-of-mind. A great deal of businesses target women, and appeal to their creative, crafty, and outside-the-box way of thinking. But what about us?

What about men?

What happened to the days, when good ‘ol Dad came to the rescue? Not long ago, gentlemen took pride in their ability to utilize available resources, complete an inspiring afternoon project, and dazzle us with DIY masterpieces. A pleasing aesthetic, a calming color palette, and cohesive design theme are often desired and achieved by men as well!

So, grab the fellas, round up the boys, and give the guys a call, because….


Simple, inexpensive, and statement worthy… we Love The Look of an empty, ornate, gold frame adorned with a matching pair of tassels. Previously used in a Safari themed guest room, we added white stripes to the back side of hat-hooks and secured stately Lion Head drawer pulls for a decorative finish. Masculine & Marvelous…. MR. MAKEOVER  → by Lifestyle Design

Instead of spending $100.00 or more on fine fabric, or insanely expensive curtain panels, Lifestyle Design takes savvy shopping to another level. By purchasing shower curtain panels and hooks, we $AVED $87.98 in this Master Makeover! Another brilliant buy at $4.98… 15-hook, metal wall mount displaying an extensive display of Polo Caps. To finish The Look You Love, a bold, black and white DIY Chevron canvas with a total cost of just $3.98!


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Fresh & Fabulous in 2014

New Year, New You…

New View by Lifestyle Design

→ Around here, we’re looking forward to the New Year…

2014 holds a great deal of excitement and opportunity: to care, consider, and communicate more effectively; support unconditionally; acknowledge the efforts of others; reach a larger audience; and connect with one another, genuinely.

And with that mission in mind, our ❶st scene for 2014 was inspired.  (above)

Rich textures, vibrant colors, and fresh flowers serve as key elements for this Client’s Fabulous Foyer. Purchased from Marshall’s for only $39.99 ( #FabFound ), a burgundy garden stool anchors our look, giving guests a fluid line of sight upon entry.  Crisp, chrome accents and subtle details complete yet another Look You Love by Lifestyle Design!

Wine, dine, drink, dream…

Entertain with Ease by Lifestyle Design 

This marvelous makeover displays another delicately displayed orchid, accompanied by a vintage doorknob and mini birdcage resting effortlessly atop a chic mirror. A mercury glass lamp serves as focal point, while chrome trophies and black and white photos suspended in old bottles, add character and personality without compromising our eclectic aesthetic.

Timeless and treasured heirlooms make a statement all their own in this Lifestyle Design Client’s Dining Room.

Among the details:
→ 48-Star American Flag, ’94 Eagle Scout Honor, and a 1918 Oreo Cookie Tin!

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Eclectic Style & Vintage Vibe

Retro Revival by Lifestyle Design

We all have those antique and heirloom pieces that we just cannot bear to part with. Clients routinely face the inner battle of

 To-Keep or Not-To-Keep

So when we started our Highland Drive Project, we knew there was quite a bit of ‘filtering’ to do. As we have said before, it is vital that the look remains cohesive; however, don’t feel forced to use every piece within one room or reuse them in the same manner in which you are accustomed.

Whether it is an Idea Board or simply a Project Vision, Lime & Kelly Green are not colors we typically find ourselves drawn to. Unexpectedly, the moment we saw this retro style Dining Table and Chairs… we were obsessed. Chrome legs hold a diamond burst, Lime Green Tabletop with Kelly Green border; matching chairs are adorned with bullnose accent and ornate, chrome handles.


Chrome is susceptible to weather conditions and especially time, if stored. When you find rusty spots or entire areas where chrome should be, use tin foil to remove the tarnish! Simply tear a piece off, and start rubbing; as always, test a small spot in a discrete location. It might take a little elbow grease…. but you’ll have that sparkle and shine back in no time!

Although the room as a whole is nontraditional in nature, we found classic pieces that effortlessly complimented our eclectic vibe. Pair of uniquely patterned duck serves as a conversation piece atop the table. A beautifully preserved Buffet anchors a custom painted canvas. Five, cobalt blue goblets; matching Salt and Pepper Shakers; and a mini Corvette rest beside an ornate, gold lamp.


Shop local for fab finds! Throwback bow-ties and a chic, gold frame hold an old, original photo of the home shortly after construction. Perfectly posed and budget friendly, this delicate display exudes personality while exceeding expectation.

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Ebenezer Scrooge, ain’t nobody got time for you!

Holiday Homes by Lifestyle Design

Over the weekend, an onslaught of matching, green storage bins labeled “CHRISTMAS 2012…” made their way to the holding area (aka the garage) for pre-holiday assessment. With this year’s focus on Red & Gold, and as far away from the Charlie Brown-esque collectibles ‘we’ have acquired, don’t be surprised if you find 8 strategically stored bins… in a very dark corner.

After one (or two) trips to the dollar store, our checklist was complete:

  • Candy Canes (for exterior)
  • Gold Bells
  • Red Garland
  • Red Ribbon (for exterior)

Alas, the boxes labeled “CHRISTMAS TREE” appear. After quickly plugging in each pre-lit section, we began assembling trees for placement. Branches are adjusted, pulled, yanked, carefully shaped, and stuffed into place. Feeling very Griswold, I hold the multi-plug-outlet and flip the switch on.


I flip it again, to Off. And once more, to On.




After he strung new lights on each tree, I threw away the strands he claimed to have “checked & replaced all bad bulbs,” last year.

Mini, gold trees sit stately atop alternating stair steps. Garland, both gold & red, are placed strategically below the hand rail… something I wish more people did; garland-scraped, dry hands…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Simple and subtle wreaths, classic Christmas bows, and a hand-made crystal Chandelier are all completed just in time for our Christmas cheer!

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Our Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Living, The Dream by Lifestyle Design


Tranquil and timeless, this Texas Hill Country outdoor oasis captivates guests with charming, subtle details and fabulous local finds. An eclectic array of stained glass, ceramic pottery, ornate benches and an understated chandelier highlight the Gathering Room; stone columns cedar beams, and raised concrete foundation effortlessly hold this hand-built pergola atop Center Stage.

Chic and stately centered behind an elegant pool, you’ll find a greenhouse unlike any other. Built by hand, cedar beams, wood trellis, and crystal-clear acrylic are held regally by eight, stone columns. Suspended from the vaulted roof, a classic chandelier complements the understated ambiance in this picture-perfect outdoor oasis.

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Freeze Warning, House Warming!

Home Holiday Preview by Lifestyle Design

The heat retreats as Fall arrives with beautifully tinted leaves and vibrantly budding blooms.

Although we’re all relieved for cooler weather, the Holiday Season brings with it overwhelming excitement and anxiety.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet…

Thank you. Clearly, department stores didn’t get that memo… five months ago. But around here, we celebrate a special birthday the first week of November – after that (and as requested)… it’s time to get

Holly & Jolly up in here!

Given the extreme drop in temperature, “Bring Christmas down from the attic” went on the Honey-Do-List. Luckily… rich fabric/ribbon, fabulous ornaments, and a custom Lifestyle Design wreath were all within hands reach!

Orchids complement an array of Mercury Glass accents while permeating the entry foyer with a calming, clean scent. Excitedly we share this Home Holiday Sneak-Peak and encourage you to find more of:

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Local Artists: Connect & Create Community

211 Art Gallery presents The Home Show

by Lifestyle Design

Local artists have an inspiring and unique creative outlet in 211 Art Gallery & Studio.

Genial and genuine, it was truly a pleasure to meet and work with the two extraordinary women behind it all, Cheryl and Deb.

Art is unexpected; can exist in any thing; it is what ever you want it to be…

Cheryl, a talented artist and retired educator, exhibits/possesses more patience than Job. After reading an ‘ugly book’ about abused women, she pulled the pages and cut each line of text. As shown in the beautiful canvas piece above the bed (picture above), she then pastes each individual strip in place.

“After reading the ugly experiences of these women, I wanted to take something negative, and turn it into something positive… something, beautiful.”

And she did.

This dining room scene, also by Lifestyle Design, showcases more work by local artists.

Deb, an incredibly talented artist and photographer,  believes wholeheartedly:

The art does not have to match the sofa!

She too, served as a source of encouragement and support throughout this process. Without doubt, these two women have welcomed me (and Lifestyle Design) with open, honest, and caring arms. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Seven short days ago, I anxiously walked in to an art gallery with bare walls, not fully understanding it was… my canvas. Today, I’ll head to this new creative space for the final touches and assessment, as the Opening Night fast approaches.

Although this exhibit will come and go, I am grateful, honored, and relieved to feel a connection …both creatively and personally, to these talented artists as well as the local art community.


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Humpday Bouquets

Floral Arrangement & Display by Lifestyle Design

This Fall-inspired arrangement takes center stage with striking hues and subtle accents.  Standing stately atop a custom Lifestyle Design serving tray and a few good books… our guests gush,

“Love The Look!”

Delicate flowers and a subtle presence, this display serves as a conversation piece with vintage, heirloom accents that tell a story all their own.

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[preview] Local Art Gallery: Home Show!

Before & After by Lifestyle Design


Tablescape Tune-up by Lifestyle Design

Timeless & Treasured | Tablescape by Lifestyle Design

Preparation for an upcoming gallery exhibit, featuring local artists and Lifestyle Design! Honored to be asked to help art find a home by recreating the ambiance with an Art Gallery.

Your Lifestyle should reflect You…

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