Ebenezer Scrooge, ain’t nobody got time for you!

Holiday Homes by Lifestyle Design

Over the weekend, an onslaught of matching, green storage bins labeled “CHRISTMAS 2012…” made their way to the holding area (aka the garage) for pre-holiday assessment. With this year’s focus on Red & Gold, and as far away from the Charlie Brown-esque collectibles ‘we’ have acquired, don’t be surprised if you find 8 strategically stored bins… in a very dark corner.

After one (or two) trips to the dollar store, our checklist was complete:

  • Candy Canes (for exterior)
  • Gold Bells
  • Red Garland
  • Red Ribbon (for exterior)

Alas, the boxes labeled “CHRISTMAS TREE” appear. After quickly plugging in each pre-lit section, we began assembling trees for placement. Branches are adjusted, pulled, yanked, carefully shaped, and stuffed into place. Feeling very Griswold, I hold the multi-plug-outlet and flip the switch on.


I flip it again, to Off. And once more, to On.




After he strung new lights on each tree, I threw away the strands he claimed to have “checked & replaced all bad bulbs,” last year.

Mini, gold trees sit stately atop alternating stair steps. Garland, both gold & red, are placed strategically below the hand rail… something I wish more people did; garland-scraped, dry hands…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Simple and subtle wreaths, classic Christmas bows, and a hand-made crystal Chandelier are all completed just in time for our Christmas cheer!

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Freeze Warning, House Warming!

Home Holiday Preview by Lifestyle Design

The heat retreats as Fall arrives with beautifully tinted leaves and vibrantly budding blooms.

Although we’re all relieved for cooler weather, the Holiday Season brings with it overwhelming excitement and anxiety.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet…

Thank you. Clearly, department stores didn’t get that memo… five months ago. But around here, we celebrate a special birthday the first week of November – after that (and as requested)… it’s time to get

Holly & Jolly up in here!

Given the extreme drop in temperature, “Bring Christmas down from the attic” went on the Honey-Do-List. Luckily… rich fabric/ribbon, fabulous ornaments, and a custom Lifestyle Design wreath were all within hands reach!

Orchids complement an array of Mercury Glass accents while permeating the entry foyer with a calming, clean scent. Excitedly we share this Home Holiday Sneak-Peak and encourage you to find more of:

The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design:


The Great JK

A Friend, Mother, Wife… Elegantly Celebrating a Lovely Lady.

Beautifully Bold Birthday by Lifestyle Design

Preview before Premiere | Lifestyle Design Client Event

Lifestyle Design Event, A Look Back at a Beautiful Evening

Subtle details and personal touches complete the Look You Love by Lifestyle Design: 

An eclectic collection of accents, each with it’s own unique feel & purpose help create the Great Gatsby theme. We were careful to keep things asymmetrical, with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind pieces.

Maintaining the ambiance was an important element of this elegant event. From the Front Door to the Back Deck, this party theme flowed effortlessly from inside the home to underneath the starry night sky.

In an effort to Entertain with Ease, special attention was payed to where decor items would work best. Keep uncontrollable aspects, such as weather, in mind when displaying those delicate, time-intensive masterpieces. You worked so hard on it, so be sure every one has the opportunity to appreciate your time, effort, and creative genius!

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Black, Bold, Glamorous, & Gold

Gatsby Grandeur by Lifestyle Design

Why, of course you can…. of course you can.

Party Prep Preview | Client Event | Great Gatsby Theme

Another Look We Love for

A Little Party…

Custom Centerpiece | Client Event | Great Gatsby

So looking forward to this exciting Lifestyle Design event!

Elegant & Effortless

Tablescape Prep | Client Event | Great Gatsby Theme

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Special Sunday Sentiment


Celebrate, Commemorate, & Decorate by Lifestyle Design

Just to see Her smile…
Custom Order Floral Arrangement by Lifestyle Design

Instead of saying it, show it.


Genuinely care

Give unexpected gifts

Have honest advice

Share the one thing we need most, yet ask for the least: Life Experience & Wisdom

Not just today…. Not just Grandparents….

(try to) show family, friends, & strangers consideration & kindness; just a little, all 365 days a year.

Your mouth is open & your mind is closed; it should be the other way around.

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Project Preview!

No mess. Less stress. The Look that will Impress… by Lifestyle Design

Custom decor, your friends & family will adore!

Just wanted to share a few photos of our recent Client Home Holiday, Custom Creations!

Love to celebrate & decorate?

So do we! All Lifestyle Design Custom Creations are made-to-order, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Or, if you’re simply inspired… we would love to hear about it! Feel free to comment & share!

Simple, Custom Accents

Simple & Stunning, this personalized home holiday decor will have the host, smiling the most!

Great for the mantle, entertainment center, and home office!

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Entertain With Ease

Details that define the moment by Lifestyle Design

Celebration Centerpiece by Lifestyle Design

With a whirlwind of birthdays, holidays, and weddings, we’ve been working overtime on centerpieces and tablescapes. In an effort to maximize budgets, Clients have opted for our “Recycle, Redecorate, Reuse” mentality; combining a variety of vases and accents from the Clients home and/or previous celebratory functions.

Forty & Fabulous Birthday by Lifestyle Design

Whether you’re planning an elegant, larger-than-life wedding or an intimate, home holiday, every detail defines the moment. Cakes & cards are to-be-expected, but Lifestyle Design urges Clients to keep a few things in mind:

Busted budget? Bouquets serve as a centerpiece for both conversation and admiration. Don’t be afraid to go faux, for formal events with budgets that are low.

Show Mom how much you really care; floral arrangements are inexpensive and often well-received display of affection.

Get creative! For a Mom celebrating her birthday at home, Lifestyle Design used fringe fabric and Old Hollywood glam, transforming a simple, affordable gift into a thoughtful, personalized, custom look.

Privately and publicly celebrated holidays/events can pass each year, with little excitement or recognition. Acknowledge your true appreciation for your loved one and give their next milestone, the shining moment.

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