The Great JK

A Friend, Mother, Wife… Elegantly Celebrating a Lovely Lady.

Beautifully Bold Birthday by Lifestyle Design

Preview before Premiere | Lifestyle Design Client Event

Lifestyle Design Event, A Look Back at a Beautiful Evening

Subtle details and personal touches complete the Look You Love by Lifestyle Design: 

An eclectic collection of accents, each with it’s own unique feel & purpose help create the Great Gatsby theme. We were careful to keep things asymmetrical, with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind pieces.

Maintaining the ambiance was an important element of this elegant event. From the Front Door to the Back Deck, this party theme flowed effortlessly from inside the home to underneath the starry night sky.

In an effort to Entertain with Ease, special attention was payed to where decor items would work best. Keep uncontrollable aspects, such as weather, in mind when displaying those delicate, time-intensive masterpieces. You worked so hard on it, so be sure every one has the opportunity to appreciate your time, effort, and creative genius!

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Black, Bold, Glamorous, & Gold

Gatsby Grandeur by Lifestyle Design

Why, of course you can…. of course you can.

Party Prep Preview | Client Event | Great Gatsby Theme

Another Look We Love for

A Little Party…

Custom Centerpiece | Client Event | Great Gatsby

So looking forward to this exciting Lifestyle Design event!

Elegant & Effortless

Tablescape Prep | Client Event | Great Gatsby Theme

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