Ebenezer Scrooge, ain’t nobody got time for you!

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Over the weekend, an onslaught of matching, green storage bins labeled “CHRISTMAS 2012…” made their way to the holding area (aka the garage) for pre-holiday assessment. With this year’s focus on Red & Gold, and as far away from the Charlie Brown-esque collectibles ‘we’ have acquired, don’t be surprised if you find 8 strategically stored bins… in a very dark corner.

After one (or two) trips to the dollar store, our checklist was complete:

  • Candy Canes (for exterior)
  • Gold Bells
  • Red Garland
  • Red Ribbon (for exterior)

Alas, the boxes labeled “CHRISTMAS TREE” appear. After quickly plugging in each pre-lit section, we began assembling trees for placement. Branches are adjusted, pulled, yanked, carefully shaped, and stuffed into place. Feeling very Griswold, I hold the multi-plug-outlet and flip the switch on.


I flip it again, to Off. And once more, to On.




After he strung new lights on each tree, I threw away the strands he claimed to have “checked & replaced all bad bulbs,” last year.

Mini, gold trees sit stately atop alternating stair steps. Garland, both gold & red, are placed strategically below the hand rail… something I wish more people did; garland-scraped, dry hands…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Simple and subtle wreaths, classic Christmas bows, and a hand-made crystal Chandelier are all completed just in time for our Christmas cheer!

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