Freeze Warning, House Warming!

Home Holiday Preview by Lifestyle Design

The heat retreats as Fall arrives with beautifully tinted leaves and vibrantly budding blooms.

Although we’re all relieved for cooler weather, the Holiday Season brings with it overwhelming excitement and anxiety.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet…

Thank you. Clearly, department stores didn’t get that memo… five months ago. But around here, we celebrate a special birthday the first week of November – after that (and as requested)… it’s time to get

Holly & Jolly up in here!

Given the extreme drop in temperature, “Bring Christmas down from the attic” went on the Honey-Do-List. Luckily… rich fabric/ribbon, fabulous ornaments, and a custom Lifestyle Design wreath were all within hands reach!

Orchids complement an array of Mercury Glass accents while permeating the entry foyer with a calming, clean scent. Excitedly we share this Home Holiday Sneak-Peak and encourage you to find more of:

The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design: