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211 Art Gallery presents The Home Show

by Lifestyle Design

Local artists have an inspiring and unique creative outlet in 211 Art Gallery & Studio.

Genial and genuine, it was truly a pleasure to meet and work with the two extraordinary women behind it all, Cheryl and Deb.

Art is unexpected; can exist in any thing; it is what ever you want it to be…

Cheryl, a talented artist and retired educator, exhibits/possesses more patience than Job. After reading an ‘ugly book’ about abused women, she pulled the pages and cut each line of text. As shown in the beautiful canvas piece above the bed (picture above), she then pastes each individual strip in place.

“After reading the ugly experiences of these women, I wanted to take something negative, and turn it into something positive… something, beautiful.”

And she did.

This dining room scene, also by Lifestyle Design, showcases more work by local artists.

Deb, an incredibly talented artist and photographer,  believes wholeheartedly:

The art does not have to match the sofa!

She too, served as a source of encouragement and support throughout this process. Without doubt, these two women have welcomed me (and Lifestyle Design) with open, honest, and caring arms. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Seven short days ago, I anxiously walked in to an art gallery with bare walls, not fully understanding it was… my canvas. Today, I’ll head to this new creative space for the final touches and assessment, as the Opening Night fast approaches.

Although this exhibit will come and go, I am grateful, honored, and relieved to feel a connection …both creatively and personally, to these talented artists as well as the local art community.


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