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No mess. Less stress. The Look that will Impress… by Lifestyle Design

Custom decor, your friends & family will adore!

Just wanted to share a few photos of our recent Client Home Holiday, Custom Creations!

Love to celebrate & decorate?

So do we! All Lifestyle Design Custom Creations are made-to-order, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Or, if you’re simply inspired… we would love to hear about it! Feel free to comment & share!

Simple, Custom Accents

Simple & Stunning, this personalized home holiday decor will have the host, smiling the most!

Great for the mantle, entertainment center, and home office!

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Lifestyle Design | Thank YOU!

Client Inspiration, Custom Creation by Lifestyle Design

This week… I felt grateful, appreciative, and inspired. Thank you, each one of you that Follows, Likes, & Supports on Twitter & Pinterest – byLifestyleDesign on Instagram – Lifestyle Design on Facebook – and to each, valued Client.

Three things that really ‘payed-off’ this week:




Custom Frame Collection | Lifestyle Design

Recently Released | Custom Frame Collections by Lifestyle Design


Lifestyle Design

Entertain With Ease

Details that define the moment by Lifestyle Design

Celebration Centerpiece by Lifestyle Design

With a whirlwind of birthdays, holidays, and weddings, we’ve been working overtime on centerpieces and tablescapes. In an effort to maximize budgets, Clients have opted for our “Recycle, Redecorate, Reuse” mentality; combining a variety of vases and accents from the Clients home and/or previous celebratory functions.

Forty & Fabulous Birthday by Lifestyle Design

Whether you’re planning an elegant, larger-than-life wedding or an intimate, home holiday, every detail defines the moment. Cakes & cards are to-be-expected, but Lifestyle Design urges Clients to keep a few things in mind:

Busted budget? Bouquets serve as a centerpiece for both conversation and admiration. Don’t be afraid to go faux, for formal events with budgets that are low.

Show Mom how much you really care; floral arrangements are inexpensive and often well-received display of affection.

Get creative! For a Mom celebrating her birthday at home, Lifestyle Design used fringe fabric and Old Hollywood glam, transforming a simple, affordable gift into a thoughtful, personalized, custom look.

Privately and publicly celebrated holidays/events can pass each year, with little excitement or recognition. Acknowledge your true appreciation for your loved one and give their next milestone, the shining moment.

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Home Holiday Inspiration

Decorating & Celebrating by Lifestyle Design

Home Holiday | Spring Collection
by Lifestyle Design

For some of us simple words serve as the source of an adrenaline rush and anxiety attack:


While out with Clients recently, I noticed the tightly stocked Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas décor sections. They too noticed the commotion, and without a word we paused…

In what seemed like mere seconds, unsuspecting scarecrows vanished and awfully expensive, incredibly unattractive floral arrangements were scooped up by scooter-steering, Betty White Bandits.

When the fake hay and snow particles finally settled, I stood confused, wondering,

What was all the ‘excitement’ about?

Home Holiday Décor grows tired with routine! Spider Webs & Spooky Cats precede Sparse Scarecrows & Plump Pumpkins. In an effort to avoid the contagious Scrooge-esque attitude, fresh inspiration was needed,

This year’s color was Green, but Coral & Turquoise were a hot, must-have-more combo. So when Clients wanted to Spring into Season, Lifestyle Design delivered vibrant color & rich texture variations of traditional, seasonal themes.

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Home Holiday | Summer Collection
by Lifestyle Design

Recreate, Redecorate, Reuse

Hump-day Home Makeover by Lifestyle Design

Entry Statement by Lifestyle Design

Busted budget? Bored décor? Dead design? We understand, and felt the same way!

By working with what we have, Lifestyle Design turned this lackluster Wednesday into a happy Hump-day!

To say I was over it would be an understatement.

Tired of staring at the same things in the same places and too hot to spend a day shopping, I began pulling EVERYTHING off of the ‘living room’ table tops and walls. I needed to start with a completely blank canvas. Often times, Clients want to take out a few things and work around the rest. Depending on their needs, this can be a great way to find The Look You Love; however… this, isn’t one of those times. We have an open concept, two-story entry with an adjoining Living/Dining Room, so it is critical that The Look (once complete) remains cohesive.

An odd space for many home owners is the closet/stair-well nook. As luck would have it, this small square space, happens to be the focal point of guests when they enter our house.

A few of my favorite pieces, used for The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design:

An empty, vintage, oval photo frame holds an eclectic array of accents, like an old door-knob set

Moss & Chrome decorative balls add ‘pops of color’ without overwhelming small spaces

A Sleek and simple mirror resting behind an elegant Mercury Glass Lamp and subtle crème shade

A vintage trophy vessel, dressed in chrome, could not be more debonair

Don’t be afraid to reuse items, with a new purpose. Old, ornate picture frames look fabulous empty, on or off the wall! Door knobs look just as good on display as they once did on the door. A mirror hanging on the wall, may look even better sitting on a table or standing on the floor!

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Dorm Room Decorating

COLLEGE LIFE | The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design

Dorm Room Decorating by Lifestyle Design

Moms world-wide are frantically juggling school schedules, supply lists, and after school activities while also trying to send their first little angel out into the ‘real world’ – College Life.

With unparalleled experience in both Property Management and Interior Decorating,

Our Clients experience a Dorm Room 101, unlike any other.

Because a sliding glass door was the only source of natural light, we used colors that would make the room feel bright and airy. Using gender-neutral colors like Yellow and Blue, fun and functional accents work effortlessly in this space. With seasonal Home Décor on clearance, two, large wall décor pieces bring depth and subtle pops of color without cluttering The Look.

*Helpful Hint: Wall art & decor pieces usually consume a large portion of the budget, so when you find what you like and it’s on sale – get it! Or, you’ll regret it later!

Don’t delay! Contact Lifestyle Design today!

In the apartment living room shown above, only the basic furniture set was provided (i.e. Couch, Chair, Coffee Table, & End Tables); No art, accents, or general decor items included in rental rate.

Attention Mom & Dad…

Here are a few helpful hints for your Housing Hunt:

  • Explore both Fully Furnished & Unfurnished options (off-campus). Some communities offer all furniture (+internet & cable) for one flat rate. Others offer amenity upgrades (i.e. washer/dryer provided) but no furniture options. Find what works best for you!
  • Have a detail-specific understanding of what ‘All Inclusive’ includes. (It’s not all, always included; ‘Inclusive’ typically has a limit, or ‘cap’ amount) Significant fees, additional charges, & an outstanding balance due are not friendly conversation topics – so save yourself the frustration, and stay informed instead!
  • Be realistic about your Lifestyle priorities: Proximity to campus/work, the surrounding environment and respective lifestyles of community members, Amenities & Services provided at no additional charge & those that are.
  • Parents & Students should connect & engage with the respective Housing Community’s, Social Media Sites – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Find out about offers & incentives that Mom would not otherwise know about.  PLUS! They typically will post pictures of activities and events on-site, giving you the opportunity to see your little angel more!

It’s  2013 – stay connected!

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Celebrate, Decorate, & Update

The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design

I often hear Clients say, “I want to add a pop of color. So I’m thinking, paint a wall red!”

Trust me:

Trends change and colors fade,

so the next time you want to freshen up your space, add color using accent pieces – like photo frames. For a more dramatic look, use black & white photos! This allows you to move pieces from room to room, keeps The Look cohesive, and provides the opportunity to add or remove ‘pops of color’ at your desire.

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Do It Yourself Inspiration

Custom Creations by Lifestyle Design

Thrift store find with budget in mind!

You’ve seen it on Pinterest, Facebook, or perhaps at the home of your creative, crafty nemesis; the perfectly finished product from a DIY weekend project. Before you begin reliving the moment, check out my positive experience creating an inexpensive alternative to pricey home furniture pieces.

After moving from a two-bedroom townhouse to a four-bedroom home, I quickly realized a few things:

  1. I have enough home décor to rival that of Pier 1, and Hobby Lobby
  2. My budget is drained from all the general moving expenses
  3. I need basic furniture pieces (end tables, nightstands, seating)

Excitedly, I embark on the search for clean, classic, and contemporary chairs to complete my living room.  Much to the surprise of… no one… I found the perfect pieces at two major retail brands. The only possible problem was price… at $1,000+/each.

When the sticker-shock and sadness wore off, I was more determined than ever before to furnish the house without spending half a million dollars. And I did!

That weekend, I was on a mission for fab-flea-market-finds. By lunch, I stumbled upon wooden booth-type chairs for a two-person restaurant table. They weren’t upholstered in plush fabric, nor adorned with luxurious accents. They were however, a yellow/blonde color wood with school-bus-green vinyl cushions.

Absolutely heinous, making them absolutely affordable at $10/each. I found fabric on sale for $4.00, picked up a few cans of spray paint and by Monday, my home makeover was fashionably finished.

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Interior Decorating by Lifestyle Design

Bugged by Bookshelves?

Simple Solutions by Lifestyle Design


One of the most common interior decorating challenges my Clients face, are those must-have, built-in bookshelves and custom cabinets.

Yes the TV is anchored and your fireplace looks fabulous, flanked by custom built-ins intended to serve dual purpose: a convenient storage space enhanced with functional display areas.

Then… you move in.

Now your charming decorative accents and cherished keepsakes… are homeless. They no longer work together, stand alone, or make any statement other than, DONATE or DISPOSE. And those undeniably desirable, custom features are beginning to derail decorating your dream home!

Are you in a similar situation?

If so, you are not alone! Or, stuck with a D.I.Y. nightmare?  You’re not the first, and definitely not the last!

Like you, our Clients feel conquered by corners; frustrated shelf space; bugged by built-ins.

With an emphasis on utilizing items our Client already owned, Lifestyle Design created an ambiance rich with character and personality. After adding a few fab finds from a local flea-market, this previously difficult bookcase transforms into an effortless decorative display.

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Make a statement, without saying a word.