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Home Holiday | Spring Collection
by Lifestyle Design

For some of us simple words serve as the source of an adrenaline rush and anxiety attack:


While out with Clients recently, I noticed the tightly stocked Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas décor sections. They too noticed the commotion, and without a word we paused…

In what seemed like mere seconds, unsuspecting scarecrows vanished and awfully expensive, incredibly unattractive floral arrangements were scooped up by scooter-steering, Betty White Bandits.

When the fake hay and snow particles finally settled, I stood confused, wondering,

What was all the ‘excitement’ about?

Home Holiday Décor grows tired with routine! Spider Webs & Spooky Cats precede Sparse Scarecrows & Plump Pumpkins. In an effort to avoid the contagious Scrooge-esque attitude, fresh inspiration was needed,

This year’s color was Green, but Coral & Turquoise were a hot, must-have-more combo. So when Clients wanted to Spring into Season, Lifestyle Design delivered vibrant color & rich texture variations of traditional, seasonal themes.

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Home Holiday | Summer Collection
by Lifestyle Design