Recreate, Redecorate, Reuse

Hump-day Home Makeover by Lifestyle Design

Entry Statement by Lifestyle Design

Busted budget? Bored décor? Dead design? We understand, and felt the same way!

By working with what we have, Lifestyle Design turned this lackluster Wednesday into a happy Hump-day!

To say I was over it would be an understatement.

Tired of staring at the same things in the same places and too hot to spend a day shopping, I began pulling EVERYTHING off of the ‘living room’ table tops and walls. I needed to start with a completely blank canvas. Often times, Clients want to take out a few things and work around the rest. Depending on their needs, this can be a great way to find The Look You Love; however… this, isn’t one of those times. We have an open concept, two-story entry with an adjoining Living/Dining Room, so it is critical that The Look (once complete) remains cohesive.

An odd space for many home owners is the closet/stair-well nook. As luck would have it, this small square space, happens to be the focal point of guests when they enter our house.

A few of my favorite pieces, used for The Look You Love by Lifestyle Design:

An empty, vintage, oval photo frame holds an eclectic array of accents, like an old door-knob set

Moss & Chrome decorative balls add ‘pops of color’ without overwhelming small spaces

A Sleek and simple mirror resting behind an elegant Mercury Glass Lamp and subtle crème shade

A vintage trophy vessel, dressed in chrome, could not be more debonair

Don’t be afraid to reuse items, with a new purpose. Old, ornate picture frames look fabulous empty, on or off the wall! Door knobs look just as good on display as they once did on the door. A mirror hanging on the wall, may look even better sitting on a table or standing on the floor!

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