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Thrift store find with budget in mind!

You’ve seen it on Pinterest, Facebook, or perhaps at the home of your creative, crafty nemesis; the perfectly finished product from a DIY weekend project. Before you begin reliving the moment, check out my positive experience creating an inexpensive alternative to pricey home furniture pieces.

After moving from a two-bedroom townhouse to a four-bedroom home, I quickly realized a few things:

  1. I have enough home décor to rival that of Pier 1, and Hobby Lobby
  2. My budget is drained from all the general moving expenses
  3. I need basic furniture pieces (end tables, nightstands, seating)

Excitedly, I embark on the search for clean, classic, and contemporary chairs to complete my living room.  Much to the surprise of… no one… I found the perfect pieces at two major retail brands. The only possible problem was price… at $1,000+/each.

When the sticker-shock and sadness wore off, I was more determined than ever before to furnish the house without spending half a million dollars. And I did!

That weekend, I was on a mission for fab-flea-market-finds. By lunch, I stumbled upon wooden booth-type chairs for a two-person restaurant table. They weren’t upholstered in plush fabric, nor adorned with luxurious accents. They were however, a yellow/blonde color wood with school-bus-green vinyl cushions.

Absolutely heinous, making them absolutely affordable at $10/each. I found fabric on sale for $4.00, picked up a few cans of spray paint and by Monday, my home makeover was fashionably finished.

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Bugged by Bookshelves?

Simple Solutions by Lifestyle Design


One of the most common interior decorating challenges my Clients face, are those must-have, built-in bookshelves and custom cabinets.

Yes the TV is anchored and your fireplace looks fabulous, flanked by custom built-ins intended to serve dual purpose: a convenient storage space enhanced with functional display areas.

Then… you move in.

Now your charming decorative accents and cherished keepsakes… are homeless. They no longer work together, stand alone, or make any statement other than, DONATE or DISPOSE. And those undeniably desirable, custom features are beginning to derail decorating your dream home!

Are you in a similar situation?

If so, you are not alone! Or, stuck with a D.I.Y. nightmare?  You’re not the first, and definitely not the last!

Like you, our Clients feel conquered by corners; frustrated shelf space; bugged by built-ins.

With an emphasis on utilizing items our Client already owned, Lifestyle Design created an ambiance rich with character and personality. After adding a few fab finds from a local flea-market, this previously difficult bookcase transforms into an effortless decorative display.

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